June Chase – Preformed Line Products

One of our customers is in a very remote location in Alberta with very strict delivery requests including liquidated damages and on time delivery reports. This flatbed customer has now only approved Grand Porter for their freight with PLP.  They do not want us to use anyone else as they have come to rely on the service that Grand Porter provides.  

With service like this, we have even taken a further step with Grand Porter now having them deliver to one of our biggest customers on a weekly basis and without any problems or concerns.

George, Bobby, Sarah and everyone else at Grand Porter will make you feel like you are their only customer.  They take care of every aspect with confidence.

I have also had many rush shipments that pop up and I know that I just have to send an email to Grand Porter and it will be looked after.  They will go the extra mile to make your freight happen every time.

Grand Porter makes PLP look really good with all of our customers. You will be very pleased if you decide to use Grand Porter.